12 bit tv 2019

12 bit tv 2019

Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy. Below is an in-depth look at the tournament, including a complete bracket, TV schedule, analysis and predictions. Not Kansas. It marks the end of one of the longest runs of conference dominance college basketball has seen. As for the team that is the favorite? Make that the Red Raiders with a slight edge over the Wildcats.

Texas Tech has been a defensive powerhouse this season. With Kansas State fielding a strong squad and Kansas capable of winning the tournament from deeper in the field, it truly is a wide open event in Kansas City. Consider Iowa State another team that can pull off some upsets in a balanced conference that could see eight of its 10 members make the NCAA tournament.

Oklahoma, KenPom 36, NET 40 : Oklahoma also has conference record issues, but has a substantially stronger case than TCU thanks to better advanced metrics and a stretch to close conference play that included a dominant win over Kansas. He gets it done on both sides of the court, averaging Jaxson Hayes, C Texas: Hayes was a late bloomer who grew from 6-foot to between his freshman and senior years in high school and is still figuring things out.

But the Longhorns freshman is a superb athlete who could leave for the NBA after just one year at Texas as a prospect oozing with upside. He can make an impact in Kansas City. Will Texas Tech emerge as a national championship contender? A strong showing in Kansas City could have Texas Tech thinking bigger picture. All times Eastern. Wednesday, March 13 First round. Thursday, March 14 Quarterfinals. Friday, March 15 Semifinals.

Winners of quarterfinals 1 and 2 — 7 p. Winners of quarterfinals 3 and 4 — p. Saturday, March 16 Final. Semifinal winners — 6 p. First round. More on Yahoo Sports:. Sports Home.Starting in February with a global release, your customizable Bitmoji avatar will become the star of a full-motion cartoon series called Bitmoji TV.

Bitmoji TV could also up the quality of Discover, which still feels like a tabloid magazine rack full of scantily clad women, gross-out imagery and other shocking content merely meant to catch the eye and draw a click. With Bitmoji TV, your avatar and those of your friends will appear in regularly scheduled adventures ranging from playing the crew of Star Treky spaceships to being secret agents to falling in love with robots or becoming zombies.

Users can visit here on mobile to subscribe to Bitmoji TV so it shows up prominently on their Discover page, or turn on notifications about its new content.

Snap has had a tough few years, as many of its core features have been ruthlessly copied by the Facebook family of apps. Facebook also ramped up it augmented reality selfie filters, added more ephemeral messaging features and launched Watch as a competitor to Snapchat Discover. Two years ago I wrote that Facebook was crazy not to be competing with Bitmoji too.

Six months later we were first to report Facebook Avatars was in the worksand this year they launched as Messenger chat stickers in Australia, with plans for a global release in or early And now Snap is finally leveraging it.

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The startup Bitstrips originally offered an app for customizing the face, hair, clothes and more of your avatar and then creating comic strips for them to appear in. The standalone Bitmoji app blew up as soon as Snapchat began offering the avatars as chat stickers. It had more than million downloads as of April, according to Sensor Tower, despite Snapchat now letting you create your avatar in its main app. InBitmoji went 3D and you could start overlaying them as augmented reality characters on your Snaps.

The next year Snap improved their graphicsthen launched the Snap Kit developer platform and Bitmoji Kit. This allows apps to build atop Snapchat login and use your Bitmoji as a profile pic. Soon they were appearing as Fitbit smartwatch faces, alongside your Venmo transaction, and on Snapchat-sold merchandisefrom t-shirts to mugs.

To stop copycats, Snapchat shares itself. These daily Stories let you tap frame-by-frame through short comic strip-style interactions starring your avatar. Occasionally Bitmoji Stories would include rudimentary animation, but most frames were still images with text bubbles. Bitmoji could once again drive a narrative, rather than just being a communication tool. Still, they seem underutilized.

InSnapchat wised up. Snap injects ads into the games, making Bitmoji key to its efforts to monetize its central messaging use case. Last month it launched custom and branded clothing for Bitmoji, which could open opportunities to earn money selling premium outfits or showing off brand sponsorships. Stickers and Stories and games were fun, but none felt like must-see content.

With Bitmoji TV, Snap may have found a way to get users to drag their friends into the app. Because everyone sees their own Bitmoji as the star, the cartoons could be more compelling than ones with impersonal characters you might find elsewhere around the web.

If the Shows feel forced, too childish or boring, Bitmoji TV will flop. Snap would be savvy to invest in great Hollywood talent to produce the episodes. Still, a scroll through the Discover and Shows sections reveals plenty of trashy clickbait that surely scares away premium advertisers. Snapchat turned the selfie into the future of communication. Bitmoji TV could make an animated recreation of your selfie into the future of content.Are you looking for the best 4K TV but not totally convinced about the hype?

If you're coming from an old HD flatscreen then you should absolutely believe every word about 4K TVs. While a new 8K standard is poised to pick up the baton eventually, 4K is still the go-go resolution for a new TV in — with an intoxicating blend of crisp visual detail, more nuanced tone mapping, and the possibility of HDR high dynamic range improving the picture quality tenfold over our older HD displays, and barely any price markup for cheaper 4K sets.

What we're looking for are 4K TVs that obviously look good, with great contrast and high peak brightness, but also support for multiple types of HDR formats, a strong stable of smart apps and, of course, an affordable price tag.

If you recently bought something from another manufacturer that you love and you don't see it on this list, it doesn't mean we've intentionally snubbed it.

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Unfortunately, best-of lists are tiny and we can only squeeze so many screens on here. That said, we're always adding more screens to this list, so be sure to check back in a few weeks to see the latest additions to this TV hall of fame. It won award-after-award for its features and image quality, not to mention its excellent, improved smart platform that came with Bixby support and Samsung SmartThings. Samsung has clearly taken these criticisms to heart, and directly addressed them in the Q The new model has a visibly superior viewing angle that holds its own against OLEDand the local dimming delivers deep blacks without losing shadow detail.

To that end, the new Ultra Black Elite filter is nothing short of a revelation, rejecting ambient light in a way that just staggers belief.

2019 Big 12 tournament preview, predictions: Will Texas Tech emerge as a title contender?

The Q90 is able to deliver images that can directly compete with an OLED, with natural colors, bright highlights, deep blacks, and well defined shadows. The 2nd generation Alpha9 processor, which uses AI enhancements to deliver stellar SDR and HDR images, helps make the upscaling and processing second-to-none with incredible levels of detail and image fidelity.

Add to that a robust smart platform and new AI sound options that analyze and improve sound quality in real time, and you have one of the smartest — and, in our opinion — one of the best 4K TVs on the market.

12 bit tv 2019

It embraces a characteristically minimalist design that disguises a host of cutting-edge features like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, plus Netflix Calibrated Mode of interest to manyand IMAX Enhanced certification of interest to few. This is a screen that looks premium, and has a spec on the right side of righteous.

The Android platform is easy to live with, that vibrating sound system entertaining and picture quality top notch. Why doesn't it rank a bit higher then? Well, the 6-Series uses a 60Hz panel which means that its motion handling leaves a little to be desired and its built-in speakers aren't quite as beefy as some of the ones found on TVs from Samsung. It might not be able to hit the inky black levels of OLED, and suffers from slow startup, but it is by far the best value quantum dot TV on the market.

Despite sitting lower down in the QLED line-up, the Q70R includes the same comprehensive smart platform, extensive connections, and cutting-edge features found further up the range.

12 bit tv 2019

Right out of the box, the best way to describe the image quality of the XG is… well, natural. What about 8K TVs? The Q70R is a solid mid-range model that has most of the flagship's shine. See more HDTV news.T3's TV buying tips. Right now is a very good time to buy yourself a new 4K or 8K TV. Some of the best TVs from are now getting big price cuts in anticipation of models arriving in the next few months, but the coming models aren't as a big a leap forward as we've seen in previous years, so if you keep an eye on the best TV deals for the sets we're featuring here, you can get some astoundingly good sets for remarkable prices.

Of course, not all Ultra HD tellies are created equal. For viewing in a bright room, our current top choice is the phenomenal Samsung QTS. This 8K QLED screen combines high vibrancy with class-leading HDR performance and sensational colour reproduction, plus its upscaling really does make 4K video look close to 8K — it genuinely makes 4K look better than it would normally, which is great at bigger screen sizes. Thanks to an innovative full-array backlight, it not only delivers convincing shiny highlights, but also does a fine job managing deep black levels.

Big 12 Tournament bracket 2019: TV schedule, scores, how to live stream games

It is, however, very expensive. If you want a 4K screen that's very nearly as good, with all the HDR and brightness advantages, we recommend the Samsung Q90R — the tech is very similar, but with last year's processing and only a 4K screen, it's much, much cheaper.

Head down to our full list to read more about these TVs, and see the prices for all sizes. Shortlisting your next television can be a complicated business, but a few simple rules of thumb will help. As we move from HD to 4K and ultimately 8K, screen size becomes a key consideration. Long story short: think big, then buy bigger. Counter intuitive it may well be, but ultra-large 8K screens are perfect for smaller rooms, if you want to really see every drop of detail. Everything you think you know about viewing distances is changing….

If you prefer to view with low or no lighting, an OLED will deliver greater subjective contrast and shadow detail. Smart platforms are no longer a decisive reason to buy. All TVs are smart these days, and the choice of apps ubiquitous — focus on image quality, price and any other features you're keen on. The quality of HD upscaling has also never been better, as the power of image processors grows exponentially. All the main TV brands are now fast tracking image processing which utilise advanced AI with Deep Learning and Machine Learning, for better picture clarity.

With high dynamic range HDRimages enjoy a greater sense of realism. HDR is basically a technology that enables TVs to show a broader range of colours and brightness, closer to what the eye is capable of seeing. Bright highlights, such as reflections and fireworks, glint and glow more realistically.

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HDR also allows for greater subtle shadow detail, adding extra depth. There is a caveat though. At the high end, the dynamics will always be more pronounced. HDR comes in a variety of flavours. Dolby Vision is the more widely used of the two. Most manufactures support one or the other; a few Panasonic, Philips favour both. Audio is often a key differentiator between models. Flagship 4K TVs tend to have enhanced sound systems, often with support for Dolby Atmos, the immersive 3D sound format.

Not only is Dolby Atmos good for your ears, having it in a TV can represent a big saving on additional external audio systems. The flagship TV in Samsung's range is our new pick for the best TV you can buy thanks to the way it takes 4K video and boosts it to really make use of its 8K resolution, even though 8K content is non-existent at this point. The AI-based upscaling does an incredible job of filling the 33 million pixels with images that still look natural and pristine — not like they've been processed.

Given that this TV only comes in at bigger screen sizes, this could not be more welcome. It's the best way to watch 4K, put simply — and the job it does of upscaling regular ol' HD is highly commendable as well, with only a few tiny processing imperfections slipping in that aren't much different to what you see when upscaling on 4K TVs.

Even more luxurious is the HDR performance, thanks to a powerful direct full array backlight, producing massively bright images beyond almost anything we've seen before.

12 bit tv 2019

But with areas of local dimming for turning that backlight down when needed, it's also capable of colossal contrast, even in bright and dark areas right next to each other. This kind of thing used to be OLED's main strength, but this can go several times brighter than the best OLED TVs, and almost matches it for black level performance — it's just astounding.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site.

Learn More. Dolby Vision is aiming to make HDR high dynamic range technology better. On one hand, it does more to improve picture quality than arguably any TV picture innovation since the development of colour. But on the other hand, the array of HDR formats and wide variances in how HDR looks on different TVs have made it one of the more complex and frustrating technologies currently out there.

Dolby Vision offers something of an answer to the HDR conundrum. Out of all the HDR formats it is, on paper at least, trying hard to deliver a more uniform, more consistently impressive HDR performance across supported devices.

Related: What is HDR? That improves everything from brightness to contrast, detailing and colour reproduction. This means colours mapped with Dolby Vision can look richer, more nuanced, and better balanced than SDR standard dynamic range footage.

Things like shadow detail, colour finesse and black levels often see improvements. The result is a more immersive experience, as you take in the HDR image as a whole, rather than focusing on stand-out peaks.

Without Dolby Vision: Colours are muted and the focal point of the welding torch is blown out. With Dolby Vision: Colours are richer and the sparks from the torch are brighter and better defined. Unlike HDR10 — which is free for content creators to license — those wishing to use Vision have to pay a licensing fee to Dolby.

Panasonic and Philips have adopted it across a significant range of their high-end to mid-range TVs, expanding the reach of the HDR format. Seen as the upstart in its early beginnings, it is gaining some traction within the industry.

Related: Best TV.

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Smartphones have jumped aboard the HDR train and there are a number of phones that now support the imaging format, so now you can now get vivid HDR images on the go. Here, Dolby Vision works in a similar way as it does on TVs. Related: Best smartphone. Also, peak brightness can go — in theory, at least — right up to 10, lumens.

In reality, most Dolby Vision masters seem to be targeting nits — which remains a very big step up from the nits that HDR10 masters work to. This helps to deliver the best results as it adapts the source material to the performance of your TV. But the Dolby argument is that this hardware will deliver better picture quality, and we agree.

Related: Best 4K TV. This is a tricky one. Dolby Vision does, from all the evidence so far, deliver a superior viewing performance to standard HDR So as more Dolby Vision content turns up we can certainly imagine some, maybe many, AV fans only wanting to buy gear that supports it.

Panasonic and Philips have taken the plunge and supported all HDR formats across a number of TVs in their ranges, which is a welcome change that should make choosing between the two less of a challenge. That said, if your TV or smartphone supports Dolby Vision, take it as a good thing. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products.

We may get a commission if you buy via our price links.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldPM - Thread Starter. Is LG making any big technological leaps or is it just incremental compared to ? Remove Advertisements. OldPM. Originally Posted by pcdo. KidHornshyguy and tigertim like this. Last edited by fafrd; at PM. OldAM - Thread Starter. Reading the article it looks like the big improvement will be brightness for 8K. Are there other advantages such as improved near black uniformity or image retention?

Do we know how they would structure their lineup? Such as maybe having a 8K lineup with the top emission and a 4K lineup with old bottom emission technology? Would top emission technology on a 4K panel create an even brighter picture than an 8K one?

OldAM. Originally Posted by fafrd. Destiny2 is offline. Would this have any other benefits besides brightness? Whoa, will it really bring in nits peak?In the larger scheme of things, this is very much not a problem. Last year alone, nearly scripted shows were released85 percent more TV than aired in And while prestige dramas have gotten so much attention, was pretty great for sitcoms, too.

And cult gem like What We Do in the Shadows is so bizarrely funny and sweet that it deserves a much wider audience. Check out the full list below with contributions from the Esquire editors. It tells the story of the boys who would be first known as the Central Park Five and then, after spending years in jail for the rape of a young banker, the Exonerated Five, when the real rapist finally confessed.

What follows is a singular season where the typically inward-facing show turns outward, widening the lens to ask what we owe one another. Though the characters are mostly isolated from one another, set forward on propulsive paths of individual growth, their journeys make for a thematically cohesive story.

12 bit tv 2019

Together they ask how we can get our heads out of our own asses—how we can build lives of accountability and service to others. To see these characters consider a more selfless, outward-facing way through life is to see them grow monumentally, and to see the show move toward an ending that feels leagues away from where it started. But after a couple episodes, Euphoria stopped trying to shock the olds, and instead focused on its protagonist, Rue—played by a brilliant Zendaya.

Bulbulay Season 2 - Episode 48 - 12th April 2020 - ARY Digital Drama

The result? The true story of the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant created life in s Soviet Union to painstaking detail, all to demonstrate with at times stomach-churningly realistic gore the ways in which one local accident became a global disaster.

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Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, Jane is a love letter to the form, with a very telenovela premise. In fact, it can be an explosion of whimsy, pure delight, and kisses that literally lift your feet off the ground. The whole internet loves Baby Yoda. They've seen him drink his broth, they've seen him coo in his little crib. Sure, he's the star, but somehow his adorableness doesn't overshadow what's a truly impressive, and beautifully made Star Wars series.

While sometimes the story can be rather formulaic, The Mandalorian does exactly what it needs to do: Engross viewers in the gritty side of Star Warsplacing them in the planets and towns and stories that the films just don't have the time to expand upon.

But more importantly: Baby Yoda. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen comics revolutionized the medium. The transgressive series upended our idea of superhero stories and has been debated by fans and scholars since its first publication in the mid-'80s. To continue this beloved, challenging series as an HBO series is a daunting task. Yet, Damon Lindelof pulled off the impossible—creating a show that's not a carbon copy, but channels the punk rock spirit of the original source material. With incredible acting from leads like Regina King and Jean Smart, this is the series that fans deserve, even if they didn't know it was the one they wanted — Matt Miller.

In its second season, Succession continued the Shakespearean story of the Roy family—one that's hilarious and emotional as it is prescient. Touching on everything from politics to media, the inner workings of the billionaires with a vice-grip on our country, Succession makes our real-life villains into tragic, human figures. Superbly acted and brilliantly written, Succession is shaping up to be one of the most important dramas of the next decade.

Mixing humor with incredibly difficult topics MeToo, gaslighting, homophobia, racismBig Mouth never crosses into preachy territory.

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Yet somehow, the series manages to tell a story of being a teenager more effectively than anyone else on television right now. Unbelievable opens with a gut punch of a first episode that follows a girl named Marie played to perfection by Katilyn Dever through a rape and the subsequent, impossible task of recounting the details of it over and over to authorities. If you can get past that devastating premise, Merritt Wever and Toni Collette take over from there, leading an incredible miniseries based on the real life ProPublica story from a few years prior.

The journey, while painful, is some of the best acting and most powerful storytelling on TV this year. Rooted in incredible acting, Years and Years is more than an offshoot of its horrifying dystopian TV counterparts. In an existence ruled by technological anxiety and political divide, Years and Years explores the role that love occupies in our increasingly scary world. On Becoming a God in Central Florida is one of the most outlandish shows to come out in years.

The '90s set comedy is a dark look inside the pitfalls of poverty and the missteps easily committed by those in financial trouble. But if that doesn't sound like a comedy, just imagine it through the lens of a brace-faced Kirsten Dunst.

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